🚀 Launch is a go 🚀

Wasn’t sure this day would come, also wasn’t sure I’d actually do it. But here it is. The result of 24 hours (give or take 15 minutes).

I’ve had so many personal projects get started and eventually die because I gave up on the idea or figured “who even cares”, but when taking on this coding challenge I decided screw it.

I made this. And I like it. If I don’t share this one now, I’ll never share the next one. Or the one after that. And then, when I finally make something that someone will care about, they will never even know because I put so much pressure on myself to make something perfect and “successful” that nothing ever gets done.

So here it is, my first Unity project, released for the world to judge.

There are some bugs, and some glitches, and some mechanics I did not get around to implementing which I might still work on, but for now, enjoy this first little taste.

And look forward to the next project.


what-traffic-windows-beta.zip 41 MB
Version 1 Jul 31, 2022
what-traffic-linux-beta.zip 41 MB
Version 1 Jul 31, 2022
what-traffic-osx-beta.zip 50 MB
Version 2 Jul 31, 2022

Get Traffic? What Traffic!?!

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For players that are not using the itch.io app, you might get reports of your app being “Damaged and can’t be opened” and that it should “be moved to the trash”.

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