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For the longest time I've had this idea for a dice game where you the player are a die. 

You roll for attacks, but can eventually replace your sides with other skills, swapping between things like Physical Damage, Magic Damage, Healing, Earning Gold etc. 

Story wise, you probably  start your life as simple d2, and by the age of d4 you are drafted into the war, where you are forced to battle hordes of twisted un-dice raised by the evil d100 lord.

As you progress and level up you earn more sides, growing to a d6, the d8, then d10, then d12 and eventually becoming a powerful d20. Maybe you even start gathering allies (would be a balancing mechanic around probabilities), or the different amounts of sides are armors rather than levels, I haven't quite decided yet.

I say horde survival in the tagline, but more likely it will be a kind of bloody palace type deal; 100 floors, boss every 10, roguelite elements for keeping upgrades between attempts to keep pushing further. Still figuring out the details.

All I know is I have this idea, and while I've seen similar concepts, I haven't seen exactly what I have in mind, and I think this can be a really fun first 3D Unity project, and would work well on mobile, so maybe even my first mobile game as well.

Let's see how this goes :)

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